The quality and safety

Focus on probiotics and lactic acid bacteria

The quality and safety

Company attaches great importance to the quality and safety of food science and technology innovation and construction of Dr Technology platform with more than 40 people, and with more than 20 scientific research units both at home and abroad to production-teaching-research combination, built the probiotics engineering laboratory at the provincial level, technology innovation center, academician workstation, such as innovation platform,
won the hebei province scientific and technological progress first prize, won 21 independent intellectual property rights of patented technology.
and through the ISO22000, FSSC22000 food safety management system certification, HACCP system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, hala certification five quality and safety certification.

Eight process controls

The eight aspects of security, comprehensive control of the production process of food safety problems
01 / source safeguard 03 / organization safeguard system of 05 / institutional guarantee 07 / production environment to ensure
02 / facilities guarantee 04 / production process to ensure 06 / product inspection to ensure the euro/inspection based security

More than 100 production process test

Since the source of strain to the production process to the detection and control of equipment and products for a total of more than 100 production process quality security monitoring, adhere to the "people-oriented management, strict and careful fully grasp the process, technological innovation and high-quality goods, meet the customers' exceeds expectations" of the quality management policy, the pass of product safety.

557 quality check points

From a probiotic seeds to the end product of a complete set of quality supervision system, quality monitoring as high as 557, selects the national food grade standards of raw materials, raw material supply regular audits and shall specifically designed to store, process, double check; And intelligent device fully customized through automation control environment and supporting equipment, terminal products outside the regular inspection, implement type fermentation product qualified rate 100%, live type product percent of pass is 99.5%.

First to get "instant type of lactic acid bacteria" standard

Yiran creatures as one of the domestic leading enterprise for probiotics, in high demand, strict standards, strict with oneself, was the first to apply for and obtain "instant" lactic acid bacteria type enterprise standard, according with the national standard, the standard reference eu standards setting, for probiotics category standard in our country plays an important reference significance.

By well-known milk, medicine, feed mills seven dimension detection

Yiran to success through the middle of 2019 the Erie audit, become China's four big milk companies qualified raw material suppliers.

To meet the requirements of GMP grade purification workshop

Strains of professional production services to control the environment and equipment;
In line with the GMP requirements of level (local best level) purification workshop;
ISO9000 quality system certification;
FSSC22000 quality system certification;