Focus on probiotics and lactic acid bacteria

Scientific research team

A natural biological existing full-time researchers more than 40 people, 90% of whom are graduate or above, major in microbiology, biological engineering, medicine, nutrition, food engineering, food fermentation and other interdisciplinary professionals, and set up a resource group, function research, technology research, application research team and intestinal flora team, can provide from the probiotics seeds to the terminal product all end solution. A natural biological research and development center covers an area of 3118 ㎡, the introduction of purchase testing machine and drying machine, 64 units (sets) of equipment such as fluorescent microscope, the construction of platform, probiotic intestinal probiotics function selection system of nutrition and health management platform, probiotic technology industrialization transformation platform.

Academician workstation

A natural biological joint domestic more than 20 colleges and universities and scientific research units, and hired a number of academic experts, such as the United States Japan through continuous implementation of technological transformation and technological innovation,
enterprise has built "probiotics function research and application technology of hebei engineering laboratory", "shijiazhuang micro ecological probiotics engineering technology research center", "innovation platform, such as joint and member of Chinese academy of printed in dragon set up" a natural biological technology co., LTD. Hebei province academician workstation ",
successively with the Beijing university of science and technology, sichuan university, jiangnan university, Harbin industrial university, Beijing agronomy courtyard, hebei university of science and technology, the United States at Vanderbilt university and other research institutions at home and abroad to establish the scientific research cooperation.