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About us

Hebei a biological technology co., LTD

Was founded in 2011, is a focus Yu Yisheng bacteria, lactic acid bacteria research and industrialization of high and new technology enterprise. Built the company covers an area of 200 mu, annual output of 100 tons of pure bacteria powder base of lactic acid bacteria. Including seven big series products, including yogurt starter series product to break international monopoly, enrich the domestic research. Probiotic products are now widely used in animal husbandry, farming, food processing, preventive medicine, medicine, health care and other industries.

Company joint domestic more than 20 colleges and universities and scientific research units, and hired a number of academic experts, such as the United States, Japan set up the innovation of scientific research base - hebei probiotics function application technology research and development and engineering laboratory, built with more than 2000 of excellent strain repository - YMCC. Through continuous study through the function of strain strains technology, industrialization of core technology, application technology, formed the independent intellectual property rights production technology of lactic acid bacteria, which can realize 21 strains lactic acid bacteria and probiotic microecological agents and more than 60 industrialization.

Science and technology innovation as the source, 21st century biological scientific research into productivity, a full of responsibility and dream. Traced back, seeking to explore, who is thin hair. A natural biological biological technology is willing to work with industry colleagues and seek common development, in the food, nutrition, preventive medicine, animal husbandry and environmental protection, and many other fields, with practical attitude to create social value, health science way of life.

The development course


Startup phase
Market access
Capacity upgrade
Biological innovation
Custom new era


  • 2009.6

    11 people team of research and development team has established the probiotic technology incubation center

  • 2010

    Through several years of exploration collected with Chinese characteristics of strains repository of nearly 2000 strains, built YMCC strains repository

  • 2011

    Successful industrialization experiment, set up a creature

  • 2012

    Built the first factory


  • 2013.1

    Break through the four core technology

  • 2013.6

    Take the lead in "eating" lactic acid bacteria production permission

  • 2014.1

    Completed with jun to extreme dairy co-operative, broke the international monopoly


  • 2014-2015

    Industrial upgrading

  • 2015.10.10

    The second phase is based

  • 2017.10

    To complete the project construction, the capacity to expand 10 times


  • 2016.11

    Won the first prize in hebei province scientific and technological progress

  • 2016-2018

    During the 16 patent award for continuously, and gradually develop the gentleman to extreme, mengniu, nolato, HuaYao, clinical channel, drugstore chain channels, form the new pattern of big health + agricultural development


  • 2018

    Deputies to the national agriculture into the enterprise, micro ecological probiotics in agricultural section and application promotion

  • 2019

    Strains of continuous development, capacity grows, probiotic lactic acid bacteria from ready-to-eat type age into the era of 5.0 customization